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This picture is an image (2020) is an online moving image installation by Petra Szemán that was commissioned by Eston Arts Centre. It plays on the boundaries between screens and the worlds represented inside them, seeking to explore the intermedial space at the nexus of the screen and the user.

Normally Petra would visit a specific location to make work, but due to lockdown she visited Eston in Redcar and Cleveland remotely, online via Google maps, where her avatar visited Eston Square. People will be surprised and delighted by seeing Eston, and such a recognisable landmark as the Square in a virtual world. We are so used to seeing representations of cities like London or Tokyo depicted in virtual environments, but representations of our local places and communities are often left behind.

You can view Petra’s work here:

The online installation is best viewed on the screen of a laptop or a PC.

Petra Szemán is a moving image artist working with animation and game-like immersive installations. Her practice is centred around instances in which real life can be experienced as fictional.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


176-178 High Street Eston

Address: Eston Arts Centre, 176-178 High Street, Eston, Middlesbrough, UK

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